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J1772 to Type 2 Adapter Type 1 charger side to Type 2 car side EV adapter for European EVs

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A J1772 to Type 2 adapter is a device used to convert the charging connector on an electric vehicle (EV) from J1772 to Type 2. J1772 is a standard charging connector used primarily in North America, while Type 2 (also known as Mennekes) is the standard connector used in Europe and other parts of the world.

Connector Conversion:The adapter has a female J1772 Type 1 connector on one end, which can be plugged into the charging station or any other device with a J1772 socket.

Pin Configuration: The adapter internally converts the pin configuration from the Type 1 standard (5 pins) to the Type 2 standard (7 pins). This allows for proper electrical connections between the charging station and the vehicle.

Compatibility:The adapter enables electric vehicles with a Type 2 inlet to charge at stations designed for J1772 connectors, typically found in North America.

Safety Features: Adapters may include safety features such as ground fault protection, overcurrent protection, and temperature monitoring to ensure safe and reliable charging.

Standards: Compliant with SAE J1772 and IEC 62196-2 standards.
Rated Voltage: Supports a voltage range of 110V to 230V.
Operating Voltage: Can operate within a voltage range of 100V to 250V.
Current: Supports a maximum current of 32A for charging.
Feature: Designed as an EV charging adapter for connecting Type 2 plugs to Type 1 charging stations.
Plug: Equipped with a Type 2 connector on the car side for compatibility with vehicles using Type 2 inlets.
Warranty: Comes with a warranty period of 12 months.
Certificate: Holds TUV and CE certifications, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.
IP Grade: Rated with an IP54 ingress protection rating, indicating resistance to dust and water splashes.
Withstand Voltage: Capable of withstanding voltages up to 2000V, ensuring electrical safety during operation.
Operating Temperature: Suitable for use within a temperature range of -25℃ to 50℃.

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Mohamed Abdel-Aziz
Quick Shipping & Excellent Quality!

I was surprised by how fast if got shipped to Egypt and the quality is excellent. Would definitely buy again.