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2023 Rivian R1S Road Testing From MotorWeek |Best EV Like Now

di XiaoJudie settembre 01, 2023

2023 Rivian R1S Road Testing From MotorWeek |Best EV Like Now

The 2023 R1S SUV from Rivian is an all-electric vehicle that offers three rows of seats and an upscale cabin. It shares its mechanical components with the R1T pickup truck. In our testing, the R1S proved to be incredibly quick, reaching 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

While the R1S is an SUV, it handles well on the road, although some reviewers have noted that they would prefer it to drive more like its pickup truck sibling. What sets the R1S apart from other EVs is its off-road capability, which rivals many gasoline-powered SUVs such as the Land Rover Discovery. It features a standard air suspension that can be adjusted to provide up to 15 inches of ground clearance. The Quad-Motor model has an electric motor for each wheel, offering enhanced control in various terrains. It is often compared favorably to the Tesla Model X in terms of off-road capabilities.

In terms of range, the R1S offers respectable numbers. The Standard battery pack provides approximately 260 miles of driving per charge, while the optional Large pack boosts that number up to 316 miles.

It's good to know that currently, the Adventure model is the only available trim for the Rivian R1S. However, it's exciting to hear that a lower-cost Explore trim will be joining the lineup soon, providing more options for potential buyers.

In terms of battery pack options, upgrading to the Large battery pack for an additional $6000 allows you to unlock the R1S's maximum driving range of 352 miles. This upgrade can be a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize longer range capabilities.

Regardless of the battery pack choice, the Adventure trim already comes with all the SUV's best features as standard, making it a well-equipped option for customers.

The Rivian R1S shares many similarities with its pickup sibling, the R1T, including the battery pack, powertrain, styling, and specs. The standard powertrain is a Dual-Motor setup, which delivers a combined 600 horsepower and comes with all-wheel drive as standard.

For those seeking even more power, there is an available Quad-Motor powertrain option that provides a whopping 835 horsepower. With this upgrade, the R1S becomes incredibly quick, capable of reaching 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds (according to testing conducted by the source).

With the Quad-Motor powertrain, each wheel of the R1S is equipped with an electric motor, resulting in all-wheel drive capability and impressive off-road performance. Additionally, all models of the R1S come with an adjustable air suspension, allowing the ground clearance to be adjusted between eight and 15.0 inches.

However, it's worth noting that the source mentioned some concerns with the R1S's steering responses and ride control. They found the steering to be out-of-sync and had issues with ride control, describing it as floaty at times and causing odd front-to-rear porpoising. It's worth considering that the R1T pickup was regarded as superior in these areas, indicating that the chassis has the potential for better behavior.

Overall, the R1S offers impressive power and performance with its electric powertrain options.

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