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Valuable Feedback and Suggestions to Enhance Rivian's R1S

by EVBASEOperate 10月 11, 2023

Valuable Feedback and Suggestions to Enhance Rivian's R1S

Insights from Veteran Electric Car Players Aimed at Improving User Experience and Competing with Industry Leaders

Hardware Improvements:

1. Running Boards for Enhanced Accessibility: Industry veterans emphasize the inclusion of running boards as a standard feature in the R1S. This addition would greatly improve accessibility for passengers, making it easier for them to enter and exit the vehicle without relying on third-party solutions.

2. Implementing Soft Close Doors: The R1S's doors currently require forceful closing due to their weight. Implementing a soft close mechanism would not only add a touch of convenience but also ensure secure door closure effortlessly.

3. Convenient Placement of USB C Ports: While the R1S offers USB C ports in the center console, industry experts suggest placing them in a more accessible location, such as under the front screen. This change would eliminate the need for wires to be run from the console, providing easier connectivity.

4. Improved Door Handle Positioning: Feedback suggests that the current placement of door handles on the inside of the R1S is awkward and unintuitive. Moving the door handles higher on the door would significantly enhance usability, making them easier to grab.

5. Redesigned Wireless Charging Pad: To accommodate various phone models, particularly iPhones, experts recommend redesigning the wireless charging pad in the front center console. Adding strategically placed magnets would prevent phones from sliding around and ensure a reliable charging connection.

Software Enhancements:

1. Enhancing Driver+ Assistance: Rivian can focus on improving their driver assist system, Driver+, to provide more comprehensive and effective assistance. This enhancement would bring the R1S on par with Tesla's basic driver assist features, offering a smooth and efficient driving experience.

2. Integrated Cameras with Directionals: Integrating the R1S's cameras with the directional system would allow drivers to view the traffic situation on the screen when activating the left or right indicator. This feature would provide additional visibility, enhancing safety on the road.

3. Introducing "Stay Mode" Temperature Control: A dedicated "Stay Mode" would enable users to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the R1S without engaging other modes like pet mode. This feature would be particularly useful when the driver needs to temporarily leave the vehicle.

4. Implementing "Valet Mode": A "Valet Mode" would restrict access to menus, GPS data, and limit the car's speed when leaving it with a valet or in a garage. This added security layer would offer peace of mind to R1S owners.

5. Apple Music Integration: Seamless integration of Apple Music into the R1S's software would allow users to access their music library effortlessly, enjoying their favorite tunes while on the go.

6. Streaming Video Integration: By including popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, Rivian can enhance the convenience of the R1S, allowing passengers to enjoy entertainment during longer charging sessions.

7. Navigation System Improvements: Enhancing the navigation system to better locate and display EV charging options along the route is crucial. Users should have the flexibility to select from multiple EV networks when planning a trip, rather than being limited to just one.

8. Android and Apple CarPlay Integration: Offering integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay would enable users to connect their smartphones seamlessly, accessing their preferred apps and features through the R1S's interface.

9. Amazon Alexa "Wake Word" Customization: While Amazon Alexa integration is appreciated, providing the option to change the wake word to something like "Rivian" or "Rivvy" would add a personalized touch and align with the branding of the vehicle.

10. "PIN to Drive" Security Feature: Implementing a "PIN to Drive" feature would add an extra layer of security by requiring users to input a PIN before operating the R1S, even if they have the key or their phone with them.

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