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Tesla Model 3 Y Monitor Phone Mount Sunglasses Case Fixed Clip Safety Cell Phone Holder

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Install Review Video:

Suitable models:Model 3 Y

Package Includes:

  • 1x Phone Holder
  • 1x Silicone Organizer
  • 2x Connecting Rods
  • 1x Eyeglasses case bag
  • 1x Frame Bracket

Key Features:

  • Secure and Stable Grip: The mobile phone holder in Tesla Model 3, Y is equipped with an innovative automatic tightening feature. This ensures that your phone is held securely in place, even during bumpy rides or sharp turns. It eliminates the risk of your phone slipping or falling while driving, providing a stable and worry-free experience.
  • One-Handed Operation: The automatic tightening mechanism allows for effortless one-handed operation. Simply place your phone in the holder, and it automatically adjusts to grip and hold it firmly. This feature adds convenience and ease of use, allowing you to keep your focus on the road while still having quick access to your phone when needed.
  • PORTABLE FOR USE:Our phone holder is our designer for Model 3 & Y, solved the problem of the glasses case, with the function of the mobile phone holder.
  • SMARTPHONE MOUNTS:Fixed clip on for Tesla model 3&Y monitor, fitting all model 3 and model Y, enjoying you're driving.
  • HIGHT QUALITY:After tens of thousands of experiments and studies, we finally chose to make a scaffold made of rubber silica gel, It can protect the cell phone effectively and will not produce any noise.

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    Can I use this holder with different phone sizes?

    Yes, the holder is designed to accommodate various phone sizes. It has an adjustable width, allowing you to securely hold phones of different dimensions.

    Will the phone holder obstruct my view of the touchscreen or any important information on the monitor?

    No, the phone holder is strategically positioned so that it doesn't obstruct your view of the touchscreen or any vital information on the monitor. It is designed to provide a clear line of sight while driving.

    Is the phone holder compatible with wireless charging?

    Yes, the phone holder is compatible with most wireless charging technologies. You can conveniently charge your phone while it is securely held in the mount.

    Can I adjust the angle of the phone holder to suit my preferences?

    Yes, the phone holder features a flexible hinge that allows you to adjust the angle according to your preferences. You can easily find the most comfortable viewing position.

    How secure is the fixed clip mechanism? Will my phone fall off during bumpy rides?

    The fixed clip mechanism is designed to provide a secure grip on your phone. It ensures that your device stays firmly in place, even during bumpy rides or sudden movements. Your phone will not fall off easily.

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