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Model 3 Y Hud Screen Tesla Heads up Display Dashboard Screen 4.6''

Install Video :

  • Compatible Model: Suitable for 2017+ Model 3 & 2020+ Model Y.
  • Safer to drive by looking directly at the screen, reducing driving fatigue.
  • Complete display of basic information, and real-time synchronization.
  • IPS touch high-definition screen with day and night modes.
  • Resolution: 960x320 IPS, 4.6-inch screen
  • Simple installation in less than 20 minutes.
  • The installation position is just enough not to block the air outlet of the air conditioner.
  • Function:
    • Speed Info(KM/H or MPH)
    • Battery Usage Info 
    • Light Display
    • Gear Display
    • Turn signal display
    • Mileage Info
    • Tire Pressure Info
    • Time and Temperature Display
Screen Size

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The quality verified by Tesla Community.Installation demonstration

Tesla Model 3 Mini Display Install Intel Processor

Function Display

AMD Chip Install Demo

Customer Reviews

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Tom M
Good Display, fairly easy install

Love this item. Best HUD I’ve tried so far! Doesn’t block airflow.

Customer questions & answers

Tesla small screen will not block the air outlet of the air conditioner, nor will it hinder the flow of the air conditioner, because the Tesla small screen is only 2 inches high!

it will not affect your driving experience! Just need to upgrade the HUD small screen

Tesla 4.6'' ultra mini screen display is compatible with Tesla Model 3 2017+ and model y 2020+

We configure 2 wires by default, you can choose the Intel or CPU wire harness that suits your Tesla

Yes ,it is automatically