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EVBASE Tesla Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter Wireless Auto Carplay at Tesla Display

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1-Compatible Model: Suitable for Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2019-2023, 

2-Function: Carplay connects wirelessly to Tesla main screen, But we also have a SIM card slot, if you want to insert a SIM card, you can use a SIM card, if you want to use wireless Carplay, you can use a hotspot can make calls and use your favorite APP, Navigation,Sat NAV and more available on your Tesla main screen.

3-Connecttion Method: share the phone's wifi into the EVBASE Carplay, connect your Tesla to the EVBASE Carplay with the USB cable, and then enjoy wireless Carplay. Simple and Money saving! Wireless WIFI Hotspot+Blutooth,Transfer to Carplay through mobile phone hotspot WIFI, and Carplay WIFI links to Tesla main screen.

4-If your model year is prior to 2018, the following conditions must be met when using this Carplay: 1.Browser support is required.WiFi support is required (older cars may be unable to search for 5G signals, so you need to switch to 2.4G for the mobile device's connection).Tesla's browser must be upgraded to Chrome 94 or a newer version.

5-Support iPhone 6 and newer IOS 10 or above.Support Android phones with Android 11.0+.

Note: 1-Tesla drivers should focus on the road even when the Tesla Autopilot model is on.2-for Upgrade version,please use to Connect, not 3-When using it for the first time,Please set the APP in the phone to allow Carplay. Click on APP Setting-General-Carplay-MutiCarplay-Custom-Select the APP you want Carplay.Send the latest upgrade version now.

Brand New,One-year warranty, Good after-sales service: if you have any quality problems, please contact us at will reply you within 24 hours.Refundable within 30 days to a local US warehouse address.

Package list: 1*iOS Carplay multimedia box  1* USB C Cable to connect to your car  1* User's manual

Installation Manual: Click here

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Our CarPlay Box transmits through mobile phone hotspot, the transmission is stable, and all APPs can be used

When using it for the first time, please set the APP in the phone to allow Carplay. Click on Apple Settings - General - Carplay - MutiCarplay - Custom - select the APP you want Carplay.