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20x10.5 Inch EVBASE Tesla Model 3 Y Forged Wheels Tesla Forged Rims 4Pcs

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1-Customized: Customized for Model 3 Y,This tesla wheels is a monoblock forged wheels, full black paint, 5 v concave spoke, our available size 20inch.

2-Specifications: Material: a6061-T6 forged aluminum,Finishes: black/Bronze paint, monoblock forged. 20 inch - 20×10.5 Front&Rear  

Tire Size: 19×10.5": Recommended Tire Size Model Y: 295/35/20
Recommended Tire Size Model 3: 295/25-20  Color-matched EVBASE center cap included, but you can use a factory Tesla center cap.

Premium Material: Tesla’s forged wheels are made from high-quality aluminum alloy. The forging process involves compressing and shaping the aluminum under extreme pressure to create a dense and durable wheel structure.

Strength and Durability: Compared to standard cast wheels, forged wheels have higher strength-to-weight ratios. They offer improved load-bearing capabilities, making them more resistant to bending or cracking under heavy loads or rough road conditions.

Weight Reduction: One of the significant advantages of forged wheels is their lighter weight compared to cast wheels. This reduction in unsprung mass can improve vehicle handling, acceleration, and braking performance.

Brand New, One-year warranty, Good after-sales service: if you have any quality problems, please contact us at We will reply to you within 24 hours.


Sizes: 20x10.5 Inch
Offset: +40
Bolt Pattern (PCD): 5x114.3
Center Bore: 64.1
Construction: Forged
Weight: 27lbs
Load Rating: 2,204 lbs (1,000 KG)
Recommended Tire Size Model Y: 295/35/20
Recommended Tire Size Model 3: 295/25-20

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