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EVbase Tesla Model 3 Y Rear Seat Entertainment&Climate Control Display Screen

1-Control air conditioner, Control Climate, Rear passengers are now able to control the climate controls with ease without bothering the driver. control the heating temperature of the independent seat, control the wind speed of the air conditioner, support wireless Internet access, online music, Internet TV, play music TV and other players, can connect to the original car stereo or headphones, allowing you to experience home theater in your Tesla.Rear passenger can watch Netflix or something while driving

2-10min Non-destructive installation: very easy to install, it only takes 10 minutes to complete the installation.10K+ installation cases. if you have install problems,we Offer local installer phone number or video tutorials.24 hours after-sales service.Please contact to get installer number near by you.

3-No issues with Tesla software, No effect on the original car upgrade.fully compatible with Tesla software.

4-24h after-sales service: if you have any quality problems, please contact us at within 30 days to a local US warehouse address.

5-Note: 1-Please use 20P plugs before 2019 Model, and Use 26P plugs afte 2019 model. We will configure 2 kinds of plugs as standard, you should use the corresponding plug according to the year of your car.

6-Package includes:+1PCS Rear Screen+1PCS AMD wire+1PCS Intel Wire

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Free Shipping:Estimated delivery time: 3-9 days from Local For USA.European countries shipping via UPS.All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and ready for installation for your Tesla.

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vikas Verma
Good for rear passenger and famliy

My famliy can watch Netflix or something while I am driving

New upgrade installation takes only 10 minutes.Recommended by Tesla community

Install Demonstration