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product function
1. Plug and charge: easy to charge, plug and play.
2. Equipped wit h 0.96 inch display , r eal-time DISPL AY o f SOC infor mation,
and fault display.
3. The pr oduct has pow er swit ching, booking char ging, selection o f gr ounding
4. Wit h ov erload pr otection, ov er v oltage pr otection, under v oltage pr otection,
short circuit protection, over temperature protection and other functions

Electrical hazard/fire hazard
The socket of the charging box or the charging gun (including the charging cable)
must be checked regularly for damage, and the case must be checked
for availabilityHave been broken.
If the charging case is damaged, it must be closed and replaced immediately.
It is not allowed to repair or r eplace the charging box without authorization, which is
only limited to the manufacturer.
Do not r efit or modif y the charging box without aut horization.
Do not remove signs such as safety symbols, warning lifting, nameplates, signs or
pipeline marks.
No extension cable shall be used when connecting the electric vehicle to the electric
vehicle power supply unit.
Only connect the electric vehicle or its charging equipment, and do not connect other
loads (electric tools, etc.). When pulling the charging gun, please hold the plug and do
not pull the cable.
Do not bend, squeeze or r oll over the charging gun to cause mechanical damage.
When using the charger to charge the electric vehicle, please carefully read the
relevant tips and instructions of the vehicle.
Avoid the charging box falling from a height or strong mechanical force impact,
otherwise it may damage the electrical safety of the equipment and cause potential
safety hazards.
It is strictly prohibited to use in the environment with combustibles or explosive gases,
otherwise there will be explosion danger.

Specified use
The Portable AC Charging Box is an AC charging box that can charge electric
powered v ehicles in indoor and out door ar eas.。
The specified use of the equipment includes compliance in all cases with the
environmental conditions established for the equipment.
The equipment is developed, produced, inspected and filed according to relevant
safety standards. Therefore, if the instructions for the specified purpose
and safety technical tips are followed, the product will not cause property loss or
endanger personnel health under normal circumstances.

Charging instructions
1. Det ermine the scene
1.Inser t t he thr ee sock et int o t he corr esponding pow er supply sock et t o ensur e
that the power supply circuit is not aged. (Insert head and insert seat type
number should be corresponding)
2.Ensure t hat t he sock et is w ell gr ounded and t he input t erminal has an
independent leakage protection switch.
3.Park the car , pr opose t hat t he dist ance betw een t he char ging por t and t he plug
seat is not mor e t han 2.5 met ers t o ensur e that the car and t he plug se at ar e not
subjected to rain water spray, and there is no combustible or explosive or close
to t he high pr essure line w ithin the radius o f 5 met ers.
2. S tar t char ging
1.Open the A C char ging por t cov er o f t he v ehicle.
2.Open the st orage b ag and confir m t hat t he appearance is intact wit hout damage
and that the metal sheet of the plug is not loose.
3.Put t he pow er bo x flat on the gr ound, inser t the t hree plugs int o t he sock et and
observe the indicator light. (plug and socket models correspond)
4.Af ter confir ming t hat t he pow er light is gr een, inser t t he char ging gun int o
the vehicle AC charging base and confirm that the mechanical bayonet locking
is completed.
5.If t he char ging indicat or o f t he pow er bo x flashes, th e char ging has been st ar ted.
3. End o f char ging
1.Obser ve t he char ging light o f t he pow er supply bo x and confir m that it s stat e
changes from flashing to normally on, pull out the charging gun and close
the vehicle charging port cover.
2.When the char ging lamp o f the pow er sour ce bo x is t urned o ff, r emove
the three plugs of the power source and cover the protection cover of
the charging gun.
3.Wrap the pr oduct clockwise or count erclockwise and put it in t he st orage b ag.